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Philco 46-1203 (circa 1946)

This 1946 model was purchased at an antique store in Jamestown, NY.  It was a relatively easy restoration project, requiring basic stripping and refinishing of the cabinet, and typical electrical work.  By the 1940’s parts were very standardized, the design of the circuits was straightforward, and the most difficult to repair components like transformers and

Crosley “Fiver” 517 (circa 1937)

There are a few models called the Crosley “Fiver”.  This chassis (517) was used in a tombstone, a metal cabinet table radio, and a chairside radio (model  567, selling for $27.95).  The tombstone had two flavors…the one I have is the early 1937 version; this was changed later in 1937 to a plain and much

Crosley 10-135 (circa 1950)

This cool little bakelite radio came from a yard sale near my home, and needed a bit of cleaning up and alignment.  Crosley sold this model in several colors in 1950, and the photos i’ve seen of museum-quality pieces show this particular color was a bright, appliance white.  This one was in great condition with

Sounds of snow

The first sound clip is of a furious snowstorm here at my home, 1/23/2016, about 10 on Saturday morning.  This was a large “noreaster” storm, and there was already 15 inches on the ground.  Snow was falling at a heavy rate, and there was a lot of shifting high wind, and even a distant rumble

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