Philco 46-1203 (circa 1946)

This 1946 model was purchased at an antique store in Jamestown, NY.  It was a relatively easy restoration project, requiring basic stripping and refinishing of the cabinet, and typical electrical work.  By the 1940’s parts were very standardized, the design of the circuits was straightforward, and the most difficult to repair components like transformers and inductors are in good shape.  All that was needed on this one was replacement of the electrolytic caps, and a simple alignment (only one band makes it even easier).  The tubes were all good.

The cabinet had water damage…
The old Shure crystal cartridge is weak but still plays.  That needle must have been tough on vinyl.
The chassis before restoration
The hardwood cabinet cleaned up nicely and took a mahogany color stain well.
Color was close match to the original
Schematic shows a very simple but effective design
This model was sold for a few years.

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