Welcome to Gray Ghost Electronics. This is a portfolio of my projects. I collect, enjoy, and restore antique radios and vintage audio electronics. Please have a look around. You can also see several electronics and audio-related projects. I also collect field recordings from wherever my roadtrips take me.

My work includes full electronic and cabinet restorations. I’ve restored over 200 devices over the decades, including: antique radios (1920’s through the 1970’s), tube amps, stereo consoles, tuners, tape decks, etc. The goal of the electronics work is to bring the device back to working order, meet its original performance if possible, address any safety concerns, and give it a whole new life. The goal of the cabinet work is to bring back the beauty of the original and make the radio something you would be proud to display. Refinishing generally attempts to re-create the colors and finishes to the extent possible. This will depend on the age and specific radio, and your level of interest in historic accuracy.

I have a well-stocked lab with all the necessary test equipment, parts, tubes, books, and two very helpful cats. I am equipped for cabinet refinishing, and have a laser cutter for making cabinet parts, backs, and dials.

We’re located in Hendersonville, NC (about 20 miles south of Asheville). If you would like to discuss a restoration, please send an email to tim(at)4mcveys.net.

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